When Parents talk with their Children they Make a Difference
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Elementary Parent Institute Article
Elementary Parent Institute English Article
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Middle School Parent Institute English Article

Revised and Board Approved SRIPI
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Please click the link to view the  updated and board approved American Rescue Plan Act (Safe Return to In-Person Instruction).

Parents who share with their children make a difference!
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Parents Still Make a DifferenceMiddle School Parents Still Make the DifferenceParents Still Make the DifferenceParents Still Make a Difference

Share the wonders of science with your elementary schooler! 

Exercise can decrease stress

and boost academic success!

• Encourage your child to collect
and organize objects, such as
leaves, rocks, shells or bottle caps.
• Encourage investigation. Give your
child a magnifying glass. Ask, “What
things do you see?” “What’s similar
and what’s different with and with-
out the glass?”
• Talk about the science that happens
at home. Which cereals get soggy in
milk? Why do foods in the refrigera-
tor get moldy? Why do some plants
need more water than others?
• Show an interest in science. Look
at the moon and the stars with your
child. Weigh snow. Mix paint colors.
• Helps students feel happier. Te
endorphins exercise releases also
increase energy levels. A case of
writer’s block? Shooting some
hoops might help your child return
to the task focused and energized.
• Is calming. When people are
focused on the exercise or sport
at hand, they are likely to stop
focusing on their worries.
• Increases self-confdence. When
children feel like they have more
control over their bodies, it can
make them feel more in control
of their studies as well.

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Middle School: Promote Pleasure Reading for Better School Performance!

Elementary School: Regular Exercise Boosts Your Child’s Health and Academics!

To learn more on these topics click on the newletters above for the full versions!

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Talking with your elementary and middle schooler
is an effective way to
build thinking skills—especially if
you ask certain kinds of questions.
Experts recognize six categories
of thinking skills.
To learn more about parent to student communications or to view the six categories of thinking skills click on the images above for the full newsletters!
Keep talking parents!

Office Hours:
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During the school year, the office will be open Monday through Friday, 7:30 - 4:00.

At this time, Walden Academy is not able to offer long-term independent study.  For our families that wish to enroll their child in a public school independent study program, we have an arrangement with William Finch Charter School to take our long-term independent study students.  William Finch Charter School is an independent study charter school and they have a wonderfully strong educational program.  They can be reached at 865-1683. 

Walden Academy is still offering short-term independent study if your child is in quarantine, ill or if you are out of town.  Please call the office at 361-6480 with any questions.

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Monday, September 26, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. 

Walden Academy Charter School 
1149 W. Wood Street, Willows, CA 95988 

In accordance with Education Code §60119, Walden Academy Board of DIrectors will receive input from the public relative to certification that students in Walden Academy Charter School have sufficient textbooks or instructional materials, or both, for the 2022-23 school year. 

Additional information available through the 
Walden Academy Office @ 530-361-6

coronavirus information
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Dear Families,
I know many of you have concerns about the Coronavirus.  We are monitoring the CDC website and are in contact with the Glenn County Health Department.  Please read the recent Press Release from the Glenn County Health and Human Services.   
For additional information about the Coronavirus, you may contact the Glenn County Office of Education Nurse for Walden Academy at 865-1267 ext. 2092.
Other Links:
Testing Site Available - downloadable document
Sitio de prueba Ahora Disponible - documento descargable
Optum Serve Testing Site - free testing if no insurance
More Testing Sites - as of 7/21

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North State Parent
Talking with your elementary
schooler and middle schooler is an effective way to
build thinking skills—especially if
you ask certain kinds of questions.
Experts recognize six categories
of thinking skills.
To Learn more about parent to student communications or to view the six categories click on the pictures above for the full newsletters!

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