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The mission of Walden Academy is to provide an innovative learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Science and challenging academics encourage students to collaborate and exceed in all aspects of life as modeled by family, school, and community. 

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Creating a confident community passionate about lifelong learning.

Brief History of Walden AcademyTop of Page

Parents wanted a choice in public education. Ten sets of parents met, loaned the school $2500 and hired an attorney. The Charter document was written in 30 days. Then the group gathered the necessary signatures and turned it into the local District. The local school District reviewed the petition and denied us. We appealed to the County Board of Education and they approved the Charter for 5 years.  In February 2016 we presented our Charter Renewal to the Glenn County Office of Education and we were approved for another five year term.  

About Charter SchoolsTop of Page

Charter schools are schools of choice: parents select the school their child attends. Families and community members are welcomed in charter schools and are treated as partners in their child's education. Charter schools are free to attend and are public schools.

Homelessness amongst student body
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If you are experiencing homelessness or are aware of a child experiencing homelessness please contact our Homeless Liaison
Mr. Bobadilla is a staff member that is trained to identify and assist students experiencing homelessness.