We encourage you to tour our school with our Leadership Team if you're interested in enrolling your child(ren) at Walden Academy.
That's the best way to determine if the school is the right fit. 
Walden always holds enrollment periods for Kindergarten, but enrollment periods for grades 1-8 depend on the number of slots available.
Applicants will be given preference for admission in this order:
  1. Existing Walden Academy students
  2. Siblings of existing Walden students
  3. Children of Walden teachers, faculty, and founders
  4. Children who reside in the Willows Unified School District
  5. All other applicants
If the number of applications exceeds the number of available slots, a public random drawing will be held and applicants will be placed on the waiting list in the order in which they were drawn. The time, date, and location of the drawing will be announced 72 hours prior to the drawing.

In the event of a public random drawing, district residents will receive a 2:1 weighting factory in the drawing and the following categories of students will be exempt:
  • Existing Walden students
  • Siblings of existing Walden students
  • Children of teachers and founders

If your child is placed on the waiting list, we will call you and send you a letter if a vacancy occurs. You will then have 72 hours to enroll your child -- if you fail to do so, we will contact the parents of the next child on the list.